Welcome to Sugarman International. We really are a multi-national healthcare recruitment consultancy. As well as our UK & Australian operations Sugarman Group now offer a service to all our international candidates who are wanting to seek opportunities overseas.


Our capabilities include sourcing and delivering Australian, UK & Irish, NZ and Canadian trained Education and Medical professionals who are highly sought after in both the UK and Australia for our clients.


The International team are well versed in recruitment strategies in several different countries and are able to resource accordingly for our clients requirements. As a candidate ,once you engage with our International team, they will take you through the process of what is required to relocate and what you can expect. They will then manage the process and get you ready for opportunities. They will liaise with our consultants who operate in the country you wish to locate to and we aim to have you a role secured before you board a plane.
Going to work in a different country gives our candidates the opportunity to enhance their skills, experience, knowledge and best practice while allowing them to meet new people and experiencing a different culture.
We have an established team that is split between the the Recruitment Consultants based in Australia, and the team based in the UK. So we have all bases covered:Initial screening and interviews

  • Initial screening and interviews
  • Securing the best visa to meet their needs and circumstancesCompletion of the registration and compliance paperwork
  • Completion of the registration and compliance paperworkSetting
  • Setting up a UK/Australian bank account/mobile number/oyster card/Opal CardSourcing local accommodation close to their new role
  • Sourcing local accommodation close to their new roleAdvice and tips
  • Advice and tips of living and travel in the UK, Europe & Australia

We also boast a highly experienced compliance team in both locations who look after the following:

  • Finalising registration on arrival in the Australia/UK.
  • Completion of Australian/UK police checks.


After candidates have completed their time in their chosen country or should they wish to return, we aim to provide the same service again to get them back home and into an Education or Healthcare role.


Our candidates are fully supported by us every step of the way there and back to make the transitions as smooth as possible.


So if you are interested in moving overseas, please do not hesitate to contact us on…